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Residential Heating Oil:

  • Only quality tested grades of heating oil
  • No re-fined products
  • Available in #2 Heating Oil, #1 Dyed Kerosene or 50/50 Mix
  • Winter Additive available for an additional +.03 per gallon for any outside aboveground tanks
  • Additive packages available upon customer's request for moisture and bacteria
  • Dependable service and extended delivery times during peak demand
  • Energy Assistance accepted through the Pennsylvania LiHeap Program
  • Credit Cards payments accepted - Visa, MasterCard or Discover
  • Minimum gallon amount delivered is 100 gallons

For more information, read The DEP's Tips for Residential Heating Oil Tank Owners.

In preparation for delivery in the winter months, please have your driveways, walkways, paths and tanks free of ice and snow prior to delivery.  If the driver is not able to access your driveway or tank, your delivery will be rescheduled once it is accessible.  Thank you!

Please utilize our online order system due to our high call volume.  We will acknowledge your order as soon as we can.  

To check if you are in our delivery area, please click the yellow order online now button on our home page which will prompt you to enter your zip code.