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LIHEAP Financial Assistance

LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) offers financial assistance and peace of mind to tri-state area residents. Cash grants and crisis grants are available to low-income families in danger of losing heating. Eligible households may apply for these grants through the PA Department of Human Services yearly when the program opens.

 LIHEAP runs from 11/1/23 to 4/5/24 

Anyone who received a LIHEAP grant last year will be sent an application or post card in September with a token # that will allow those customers to apply before the official start of the season.  You can apply online or using a mobile app.  Even if you received LIHEAP the prior year, you MUST RE-APPLY every year! 

  • Customers should mail a completed application to the address listed for their county of residence. 
  • Remember: A paper application isn’t necessary to apply for LIHEAP.  Customers may submit an application online through the Department of Human Services’ COMPASS website at or directly at LIHEAP
  • Questions about LIHEAP or about completing an application can be directed to the LIHEAP Client Helpline at 1-866-857-7095